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Adding New Services

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Hello and welcome to our friends in the Library world. We hope that this week sees you with much happiness and joyous thanksgiving!

You may have noticed a few subtle changes occuring over the last few days and weeks. Slowly this site is changing from the Authority Control blog to the Automation Services blog. Why are we making these changes? Because we’re making a concentrated effort to make your lives easier by offering more solutions for a greater variety of needs.

We’ve already talked about one of these services, Marcadia, here. Nate Cothran, the Vice President in charge of Automation Services explains a little bit about some of the other new services and how they can help you.


Have bib records with a brief amount of information?  Are they good enough to keep but not bad enough to discard?

Backstage Library Works can upgrade your brief bib records against full MARC records from Library of Congress.  The matched records will replace your brief records, bringing them in line with current MARC21 standards and AACR2 formatting.

We have many different options for you to consider when upgrading your brief records.  What’s important is returning matches that enhance your collection.  Try our FREE Records Test today and see if the Machine-Upgrade service is right for you and your bibs.


Have a set of records that need to be consolidated?  Just acquired new records to add to your existing database?

Backstage Library Works combines your records into one manageable database.  Deduplication merges your duplicate records into one match.  Have holdings fields you want to also merge with the matched record?  We can retain any field you specify and even move data around based on your instructions.  Backstage Library Works lets you decide how strict or lenient the match criteria should be.

You receive a cleaner database, with all of your data intact and the peace of mind that comes from knowing another project can be crossed off of your list.

Custom Services

Need to rearrange the data within your records?  Have a subset of records that could benefit from a quick fix?

Backstage Library Works offers the ability to work within your expectations.  The way you want to modify your records is the right way and we can make that happen for you.  With our expertise in your corner, you no longer have to worry about when you will have the time to change your records.  We make the time for you and return it when you need it.

At Backstage Library Works, we don’t ask, “Why do you want to do that?”  We ask, “When can we make this happen for you?”