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FRBR, FRAD, and RDA what they all mean

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

If you’re anything like me when you hear about FRBR, FRAD, and RDA you wonder who spilled their alphabet soup. But these are serious topics in the library world and we need to understand what each term means, how they relate to one another, and what we can expect to see in the future. Karen, our RDA librarian has kindly put together a basic primer for us to understand these issues.


More RDA Resources

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Our RDA Librarian, Karen, came to me this week with even more RDA resources that she wanted to share with our community. This is what she had to say:

Here are some more good links for information on RDA, FRBR and FRAD.  If any of you know of any others, be sure to send them in! – The list of registered RDA elements and vocabularies.  They will be linked from the RDA Online tool.   Thanks to Diane Hillmann for pointing this good link out. – This is the new address of the RDA main page on the Joint Steering Committee website.  Be sure to check out the FAQ’s.  This replaces the first address listed on the earlier blog post. – Issues deferred until after the first release of RDA. – This page lists recent and future presentations on RDA given by members of the JSC and others involved with the development of RDA.  One to keep an eye on. – This is an Library of Congress webcast on FRBR, from Barbara Tillett.  It’s not in their other webcast site because it was for non-catalogers.  It is a good overview that talks about practical applications. – these are the power points and other materials that go along with the Pre-conference “From rules to entities: cataloging with RDA” held in Montreal.  They are very good. – We posted this before, but its worth another mention. These are the slides and presentations from the German symposium on their MARC21 project.  There are several on RDA that are really good.  They are in English. Bring up two sessions, one to watch the YouTube video and the other to look at the slides. – This has several documents from MARC Standards that deal with MARC and FRBR, including mappings.  It also has a FRBR display tool that allows you to create a sample FRBR display from MARC records. – This document lists the changes made to AACR2 during the development of RDA. – Karen Coyle’s zipped copies of the Nov. 2008 draft of RDA draft. – IFLA statement of international cataloging principles.  This is a replacement for the Paris Principles. – Site for the U.S. National libraries test of RDA.  Has list of testing partners, and background information

   – this is the list of the testing partners that is on the above site. – this is the website for Kent State’s FRBR project.  There are links on the site to their other presentations including the following:

    – Presentation given at the ALCTS FRBR Interest Group during 2009 ALA Midwinter called “Developing a FRBR-Based System to Effectively Support User Tasks” – This slide presentation “From AACR2 to RDA: An Evolution” was given in 2006, but it has good background information. – this article has lots of really good links in it for FRBR, RDA, and FRAD. – The drafts for FRBRoo, which as far as I can tell, is a joint effort of museums and libraries to align the FRBR and the CIDOC (a committee of the International Council of Museums) Conceptual Reference Model.

Mapping RDA to MARC21

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

A note from our RDA Librarian…

I thought I would pass along this notice from the German National Library to those who might not have seen it on the RDA list serve:

”In June 2009, the project “Internationalisierung der deutschen Standards: Umstieg auf MARC 21” completed the groundwork for the full implementation of the data exchange format MARC 21 in Germany and Austria.

To mark the successful conclusion of this migration project, the German National Library held a symposium “Umstieg auf MARC 21 – MARCing a new landscape in data exchange” on June 2nd, 2009.

We are happy to announce that the slides and the links to the video recordings of the presentations are now available. Please go to: Several of the presentations may be of interest to the RDA community as they address the mapping of RDA to MARC 21, as well as making connections between the data exchange format and the FRBR and FRAD models.”

There’s links to videos of the presentations on YouTube and links to the corresponding slides.  I watched all the presentations and was very impressed.  They are all in English. I found it helpful to bring up two sessions, one to watch the videos, and one to look at the slides, since the slides are not very visible in the videos.

More RDA Related Links

Friday, June 26th, 2009

If you’re like us, geeking out over the new information coming out about RDA (and we know you are!) then you will be interested in a few more important RDA links our resident Authority Librarian (can we start calling her our resident RDA librarian now?) has put together for us.

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) has moved its website. There are redirections in place from the old site to pages on the new site explaining the change. The new address is:

Also the Library of Congress has new documentation available that lists MARC21 approved changes made since the 2008 Update that accommodate RDA.  Here’s the link:

Helpful links on RDA, FRBR, and FRAD

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Helpful links on RDA, FRBR, and FRAD

Here are some links on related to RDA (Resource Description and Access), FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), and FRAD (Functional Requirements for Authority Data) that I have found very helpful and informative.– This is the RDA main page at the JSC website.  There are links to the full draft, background information, and much more.  The links under Scope and Principles are particularly good, especially the mapping.  Also the FAQ’s are really helpful. – This site is where a demo of RDA online will be up sometime in the near future.  When I last checked it, they said they plan to have the demo ready in May.  Don’t hold your breath, but keep checking the site. – This is the IFLA site for FRBR – This is the IFLA site for the draft of FRAD. – This paper from 2007 gives really good background on FRAD. – This site has two really good presentations by Barbara Tillett of LC.  You can download the needed player from the website.  They are about an hour each, but well worth listening to.  There should be more webcasts coming up in the future so keep an eye out.,%20Goodbye%20AACR2!_15April2008.pdf -This is a great presentation.  It gives a very good overview in some detail with very understandable language. – Libraries Australia have done a lot with FRBR and RDA.  This is a good presentation and at the end there are more good links. – This very thorough presentation talks about RDA and MARC.  A lot of it is concatenated from other presentations, but it brings everything together nicely. – This has copies of the Proposals and Discussion Papers for changes to the MARC21 formats.  Just click on MARC Proposals or MARC Discussion Papers.  They are arranged by year, most recent first.  Most of the 2009 proposals and discussion papers deal with RDA elements.  Also take a look at 2008-05/1-4, as these deal with RDA too.  You may also gain insights by looking at older ones.  Also see link below for the decisions made on the ones discussed at ALA midwinter. – Summaries of what was discussed at ALA midwinter 2008 and the actions taken. – Here are the report of the 2009 ALA midwinter meeting of MARBI. – From this site you can access the presentations from the CCS Forum: FRBR and RDA: a glimpse into the future of cataloging and public displays.   Barbara Tillett’s and John Espley’s on the VTLS OLE project were particularly pertinent. – This from John Espley’s presentation.  It’s an example of a FRBRized catalog.  From this page, click on Virtua Enriched User Searching Presentation.  It takes a couple minutes to download because its rather long.  It automatically pages down and it went rather quickly, but scrolling up or down would move between the slides, so you can go back and get what was missed. – This is another well written and easy to understand explanation of FRBR. – This is an article titled “Identifying FRBR Work- Level Data in MARC Bibliographic Records for Manifestations of Moving Images.  In code[4]lib journal  Issue t, 2008-12-15. – This blog  post has lots of really good links in it.

There are lots more link out there.  These are just the ones I have found most helpful.  If you know of some others, please share them.

Happy reading!

Karen Anderson

Authority Control Librarian

Backstage Library Works