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Dedupe 1.1Dedupe 1.2Dedupe 1.3
Dedupe 2.0Dedupe 2.1Dedupe 2.10
Dedupe 2.11Dedupe 2.12Dedupe 2.13
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Dedupe 3.6Dedupe 3.7Dedupe 3.8
Dedupe 3.9Dedupe 4.0Dedupe 4.1
Dedupe 4.10Dedupe 4.11Dedupe 4.12
Dedupe 4.13Dedupe 4.14Dedupe 4.15
Dedupe 4.16Dedupe 4.17Dedupe 4.2
Dedupe 4.3Dedupe 4.4Dedupe 4.5
Dedupe 4.6Dedupe 4.7Dedupe 4.8
Dedupe 4.9Dedupe 5.0Dedupe 5.1
Dedupe 5.2Dedupe 5.3Dedupe 6.0
Dedupe 6.1Dedupe 6.2Dedupe 6.3
Dedupe 6.4Dedupe 6.5Dedupe Profile Guide
Differences Between Authority and Bibliographic Records
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Marcadia Profile GuideNACOName Authority Control
Old Series Processing TableProfile GuideProfile Guide Chapter 1
Profile Guide Chapter 2Profile Guide Chapter 3
Profile Guide Chapter 4Profile Guide Chapter 5
Profile Guide Chapter 6Profile Guide Chapter 7Profile Guide Step 2.1
Profile Guide Step 2.2Profile Guide Step 2.3Profile Guide Step 2.4
Profile Guide Step 2.5Profile Guide Step 2.6Profile Guide Step 2.7
Profile Guide Step 2.8Profile Guide Step 2.9Profile Guide Step 3.1
Profile Guide Step 3.10Profile Guide Step 3.11Profile Guide Step 3.12
Profile Guide Step 3.13Profile Guide Step 3.14Profile Guide Step 3.15
Profile Guide Step 3.16Profile Guide Step 3.17Profile Guide Step 3.18
Profile Guide Step 3.2Profile Guide Step 3.3Profile Guide Step 3.4
Profile Guide Step 3.5Profile Guide Step 3.6Profile Guide Step 3.7
Profile Guide Step 3.8Profile Guide Step 3.9RDA 1.0
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Step 2.0Step 2.1Step 2.11
Step 2.12Step 2.2Step 2.3
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Step 2.7Step 2.8Step 2.9
Step 3.0Step 3.1Step 3.10
Step 3.11Step 3.12Step 3.13
Step 3.14Step 3.15Step 3.16
Step 3.17Step 3.18Step 3.19
Step 3.2Step 3.20Step 3.3
Step 3.4Step 3.5Step 3.6
Step 3.7Step 3.8Step 3.9
Step 4.0Step 4.1Step 4.2
Step 4.3Step 4.4Step 4.5
Step 4.6Step 4.7Step 5.0
Step 5.1Step 5.2Step 5.3
Step 6.0Step 6.1Step 6.10
Step 6.11Step 6.12Step 6.13
Step 6.2Step 6.3Step 6.4
Step 6.5Step 6.6Step 6.7
Step 6.9Subfield $w in Cross-References